Royal Welsh Showground 30/31 July ’16



This show was also very good. We’ve never been into Wales before so we were very excited. All these different signs on the roads, people’s accent, completely different words, very very interesting. Driving on Prince of Wales Bridge was very weird for me. The fog at the time of the passing through – absolutely amazing.

For those of you who don’t know where the event took place, it was in Builth Wells or in the suburb area of the town. It is a market town and community in the county of Powys and historic county of Brecknockshire, mid Wales, lying at the confluence of rivers Wye and Irfon, in the Welsh part of the Wye Valley. Small town with population of around 2500 people. We’ve been told by some of our customers at the show that nearby you can find some good mines. As far as I know most of the mines in UK have been closed long time ago so please bare in mind the health and safety factor.

We stayed in a beautiful BnB. It is called Erris Villa. It is placed in the middle of the town. Very convenient to anywhere you want to go. We would recommend this accommodation to anyone. Beautiful house, nice showers, comfortable bed, plenty of parking space and very delicious breakfast with gorgeous view from the second floor. Hosted by delightful Mrs and Mr Coyle. Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us through the weekend. It’s been a pleasure for us to meet you and we wish you all the best in case you are reading this article.

 My beautiful wife on the left getting herself ready for our first clients for the weekend and the handsome boys on the right, our very good friends – Dave  from Castle Crystals and Colin from Terra Bella. For those of you who don’t know Dave in person he is extremely knowledgable about mineral specimens. He is absolutely encyclopedia. So any questions about that topic ask him. As you see from the picture they are always smiling, shaved, fashioned and charming. I’m sure all this is coming from their wives who always giving them strength and support in any challenge they want to achieve. Anyway I like these guys. They mean a lot to us. Very good memories spent together, thanks for your friendship. It’s awesome.

Down below like always we are showing some of the specimens we sold at this show. Feel free to recognise through them some of yours, sitting next to you at your desk, or shelves or maybe in boxes somewhere in the garage. Mostly because your wive is not allowing you any more to occupy wherever possible in the house. That might be another reason to stand up and check your collection if you haven’t done it recently. Even if you did there is nothing better than doing it in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately we haven’t got a comment section, otherwise i would love to say “Please leave a comment down bellow, hit the subscribe button and the big thumb beneath”. It’s not a social media, it’s only a website. We might consider having a comment section in future as well with video of the specimens. We’ll see. The time will tell.

Anyway it’s been a pleasure for us to share all this with you. Thank you for your time and we hope we brought back good memories of yours. Even if you never been to this show. Memories of good old days. Some people use to say “The worst is yet to come”, but let’s take it as “The best is yet to come”.