Newton Abbot Racecourse 2/3 April ’16


The special thing about this event was my girlfriend’ birthday. That was our second year of doing mineral shows and it didn’t happen to none of us before. As I’m writing this article 7 years from then I know it did happen to me the following 3 years. Having a birthday at the day of the event is not a bad thing. It is great. The memories stays with you forever. Anyway I was very happy she came with me all this way down instead of staying in London and celebrate with family and friends. They received due attention when we came back so no problem.

We stayed at The Palms in Torquay. Lovely family house, great accommodation, beautiful views. We hope the owners are still in good health and wishing them all the best. Lovely couple. We recommend it to everyone. It is at Babbacombe Road, in case you want to google it. The town is also a great place to visit. Palms everywhere you turns, Marina, awesome walking alleys by the beach. Makes you feel different.

There was another special thing happened this weekend which I will never forget. A lady accompanied with two gentlemen came to our stand. After a little bit of conversation about minerals and life in general, she out of a sudden mentioned that we will have a baby boy soon. That was a great news. Me personally always wanted to have a boy first and then another boy or girl no preferences. The weird thing was that my girlfriend was not pregnant and we were not even trying to become parents yet. At the following year we found out she was right. I start doing this show every time till Covid pandemic just to see this lady. I was by myself because my girlfriend was looking after the baby. Unfortunately I’ve never seen her again. We wish her health, happiness and we are very thankful to her of sharing this with us. I’ve been always asking myself how some people can know such things. I know most of you will say when looking us there is a very big probability that will happen but me and my girlfriend have been together almost ten years and nobody have told us such a thing before. Anyway back to the mineral show.

It was great as always. It was fun, interesting, relaxing. A weekend away of London. We sold quite a lot of specimens. Met new people, made new connections. Here some images of the specimens we sold. You might recognise some of them in your own collection.