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minerals-bulgaria-teamHi everyone,

We would like to thank all of you from all over the world for sparing time to visit our website. We really appreciate it. We are dealers of Bulgarian minerals which have been personally and carefully selected from the central southern area of the country, the Rhodope Mountains. We live in Bulgaria. We look for and collect mineral samples with have interesting crystalline features on a macro and micro scale. The minerals from this area show exquisite details in their detailed crystalline features.

There are some of you who are interested in the background to the area and in the sections of text below we have tried to give you extra information. There is something on the history of the region, present and likely future mining projects and some other interesting facts. Finally we have included an account of our latest collecting trip which has provided many new specimens for your perusal and, hopefully, purchase. If this material is of no particular interest to you, please go straight to the mineral screens and have fun. Remember though that the real beauty of these specimens is revealed through close inspection and that we believe they represent terrific value for money. Thank you again for visiting the site.

 If you want to see a short video of the specimens we offer, please feel free to have a look at our Etsy and eBay store till we sort it out to do so from our website.



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Name: Biser Ivanovski

Address: Bulgaria

email: sales@mineralsbulgaria.com

Mobile number: +447857765595: +359885378277
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