“Rudmetal” JSC


The mountain town of Rudozem is host to the private limited company “Rudmetal JSC” which has shareholders who are former employees of the bankrupt companies, Gorubso-Rudozem EAD and Gorubso-REF EAD.

The company specializes in underground mining and mine construction and owns two concessions for mining:

  • Since 2001 “Rudmetal” AD owned the mine “Dimov Dol” for production of lead and zinc ores;
  • The second concession “Rudmetal” received in 2007 was for the extraction of natural stone minerals from the “Long Usoyka” at Rudozem.

In 2012, “Rudmetal” JSC won the project “Improving safety in the workplace”. The project was funded under the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development”, co-financed by the European Social Fund of the European Union scheme for granting financial assistance – “Safety at work”. This is one of three projects that have been funded in the Smolyan region. “Rudmetal” AD has a license for private security services and has its own explosive warehouse storage of explosive materials.

During its short life “Rudmetal” JSC has so far received the following major awards and certificates:

  • To achieve excellence in the mining sector by sub-sector “Mining”;
  • Achieving the best results in the work of providing healthy and safe conditions within underground mines in Bulgaria:
    • First place with diploma in 2002, 2003 and 2006;
    • Second place for the “Dimov Dol” mine in 2001;
    • Third place for the “Rybnitsa” mine also in 2001.