1 billion lev for new mines in the Rhodope Mountains

A “Mine Renaissance” and investments of more than 1 billion Lev are coming to the Rhodopes Mountains, if relatively high metal prices are sustained on world markets. By the end of 2016 a new gold mine owned by the Canadian company, Dundee Precious Metals, is planned near Krumovgrad. According to company projections this will provide […]


Madan – The path of the ore

15 km from Rudozem in the next valley is Madan, a mountain town with a population of about 6500-7500 people, 30 km from the town of Smolyan and 120 km south of Plovdiv. Madan is the centre of a municipality with a population of 15500 people. The average altitude is 700 m, mainly hilly terrain […]


Latest 2015 (III) trip – New finds

Our latest trip to Bulgaria for new specimens was well planned in advance a few months before the date of the flight. But as we landed in Sofia, we found out about the extremely difficult conditions in the region where we supposed to be by the end of the following day. Even though winter was […]


“Rudmetal” JSC

The mountain town of Rudozem is host to the private limited company “Rudmetal JSC” which has shareholders who are former employees of the bankrupt companies, Gorubso-Rudozem EAD and Gorubso-REF EAD. The company specializes in underground mining and mine construction and owns two concessions for mining: Since 2001 “Rudmetal” AD owned the mine “Dimov Dol” for […]